Name: Fatol Adrian Remus
Address: Easter Kerrowgair Flat, Old Military Road Ardersier  IV27QU
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Date of birth: 30.09.1977 – Cluj Napoca Romania

Romanian and British ( dual nationality)

Education &Qualifications: 1992 – 1996 –“Romulus Ladea” Fine-Art High School in Cluj-Napoca (the second largest city of Romania) –  (studies of painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture and design); I got specialized in architecture and graduated as an architectural technician. 1996 – 2002 – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca,Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning – (-The history of technical higher education in Cluj Napoca goes back to the beginning of the previous century (1920)… Nowadays the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca trains specialists in the technical field -mechanical, electrical and civil engineering and architecture-, postgraduate and PhD studies. It has over 12,000 students.- Wikipedia ) graduated as Diplomat Architect – specialization Architecture

1998 – 1999 – “Ioan Andreescu” Fine Arts University of Cluj Napoca –Design Faculty– followed design classes in parallel with architecture 

2007 – Registered with OAR Romania – Romanian version of ARB   

2010 –  UK qualified architect registered with ARB     

2012 –  UK Chartered architect registered with RIBA 

Career History:
06. 2000 –09. 2002 Furniture design – SC Abreval SRL – Cluj Napoca I was working part time in parallel with my studies. My main duties were designing the furniture for various projects from de sketch stage to the finished product in factory.  I had to accurately draw every part and to write a list with components. Than I was in charge with supervising the production and spotting the defects.
09. 2002 –05. 2004 Architect – SC Proartis SRL – Cluj Romania under supervision of prof. arh. Mircea AmitroaieiProjects:  Commercial Bank of Romania – Manastur Branch 13-15 Bucegi Street Cluj – Napoca (2002 – 2004) : This was my main project for Proartis and I followed this project from sketch design stage all the way to completion. Apart from drawing the project I had to prepare all the necessary documents, chase quotations and so on. Conversion of an old stable at Capusu Mare no 23. (2002 – 2003) :  The challenge was to convert an old stable (1909) into a sustainable holiday house in a rural area of Transylvania using local materials and workers. I was in charge with this project all the way to completion. Reconstruction of an old house at Hateg Street Cluj – Napoca (2002 – 2003) :  The client wanted to update to current standards an old building (built in 1930. We preserved all the original house features and added a matching glass cover at main entrance and a wooden pergola to cover the terrace. I was in charge with the project from the sketch proposals stage to completion.Restaurant “Valina” Abator Square Cluj – Napoca (2003) :  I did the sketch proposals and I took this project to planning permissions stage. The client requested a fancy 2 levels restaurant with a modern look. The project was postponed till 2004. New house in Feleac for Oprea family (2004) :  I took over this project soon after the sketch proposals stage and I did a 3d model of the house in Archicad. As well as that I had to redraw the plans and later to prepare drawings for construction.Other small jobs and visits on various sites. (2002-2004)
05. 2004 –10. 2005 General assistant – Glenfield Hotel Ullapool  I came to UK with a work and travel program and I had the chance to travel a lot around Highlands (all the way from Lewis to Mull Isle and so on.) As well as that I spent a month in Edinburgh and few weeks in London. At Glenfield I worked for two seasons and I hold various specific hotels jobs such as: waiter, bartender, kitchen porter, comme chef, housekeeper, head house keeper, handyman etc.  
12. 2006 – 03.2013 Architectural assistant  and ARB registered Architect (after November 2010 )- Trevor Black Architects – Invergordon Projects: New House at knock Rush for Fenton and Aven Ogly (12.2006 – 10.2007): I did three different proposals for a new 4 bedrooms house. Alteration at Wester Buie (01.2007 – 06.2007): The clients live in a big house in with breathtaking views all around. They wanted to built a sun room related with the living area and as well as that a new garage in a separate building. I did the sketch proposals and I detailed the one choused by the client.

Housing development at Cromlet Invergordon for Albyn Housing Society (02.2007 – 12.2008): This project was already at tender stage when I got in charge with the drawings. Basically it was a housing scheme including flats and houses ( 21 units in total ) and we had to work according to Houses for Various Needs. I had the chance to see the buildings being built from the first day on site till the snagging stage. My duties included: drawing and printing plans, participating at all the meetings and writing minutes, visits on site, snagging.

Conversion to a house at Old Free Kirk, Garve for Paul and Yvonne Monks (03.2007 – 01.2008): I took over this interesting project and the challenge was to convert an old church into a modern house. The project has been going on for few years before I got involved and my job was to deal with the interior design. I did various options for the internal layout and a detailed 3d model of the building.

Flats proposals at Harbour House for Alan and jean Watt (06.2008 – 08.2008): The client intention was to convert a decent sized old house into 4 or more flats. I did three different options for accessible flats with one or two bedrooms.

Extension at Assynt Mill Evanton for Mr. D and Mrs. M Wilson (08.2008 – 09.2008): The clients live in an old mill and they decided to build an extension in order to get more space for their children. They already decided for a sketch proposal and my job was to try to match as far as possible the existing mill with the new extension.

 Highland Housing Fair (04.2007 – 07.2010): This is a winning project for a housing fair based on a Scandinavian model that is going to be held this summer in Inverness. We proposed a sustainable highly insulated building. One of the requirements of the fair was affordability and in order to achieve that we based our design on a simple clear structure, use of module and solar gains ( all the main rooms  are south facing with generous glazing extending and roof lights ). The fair has been open in august 2010 for one month and we received a good publicity.

Refurbishment at High Mills, by Tain for Denis and Sarah Macdonald (03. 2008 -12.2010): Another interesting project involving an old mill listed by Historical Scotland.  The Mill consists of two separate buildings and we proposed a new link with round roof and circular walls to connect them. The difficulty was to preserve the old building as much as possible and as well as that to detail the new link building since most of the details were original and neither us nor the contractor did something similar before. I got involved in this project after the sketch proposal stage and my job was to find answers for structure and other original features and to prepare drawings for tenders and building warrant. Early 2011 the clients moved in and they were delighted with the building. In august 2012 this project received an award from IAA (New Lifer for Old Buildings).

Easter Loggie Alterations for Mr and Mrs Watkins (06.2008 – 08.2008): This building had been partially used as a hostel for the past few years and the owners decided to extend their business. My job was to design an extension that included couple of large en suite bedrooms and a dinning room.

Extension at 61 Queen Street Invergordon for A Pennington and V Spreadborough  (04.2009 – 05.2009): The clients were interested to see what possibilities do they have to extend their house in the near future. They are short of living space and as well as that they requested a utility room, more storage and one more bath or shower room.

Proposed Fit Out Work at 1-2 Fyrish Way, Alness fot Stamona Ltd (06.2009 – 08.2009): The client moved in existing premises and they wanted to convert them into a fish factory. We had to adjust or redesign most of the installations and to fit the necessary equipment for the new function.

Office premises for Ross and Cromarty Citizen Advice Bureau 12-14 High Street Alness (03.2009 – 09.2009): The CAB office from Alness is not suitable anymore for their requirements and we had to look over few different options in order to increase the space. First attempt was to extend their current building but this option proved to be difficult because of the location so they decided to move in another bigger building. My job was to find solutions and to design a layout suitable for their needs. Currently we agreed over the scheme and we got in touch with the planners.

Housing development at Joss Street Invergordon for Albyn Housing Society and Local Council (03.2009 – present): I am in charge with this project because of my previous experience and collaboration with Albyn Housing. This project is interesting because of the central location and orientation. The plot is flat and south orientated with great views over Cromarty and Black Isle. We want to accommodate 24 affordable units, including a wheelchair accessible house. Our goal is to create sustainable buildings with a central attractive space that includes a play area and various plants and shrubs. This building started on site early 2011 and it is due to be finished in summer 2012.  

New Decontamination Unit at 108 High Street Invergordon for Invergordon Dental Practice (09.2009 – 10.2009): This is a small size project and consists in changing the layout of the local dental practice in order to accommodate a new decontamination room. I mentioned this project because all the specifications had to comply with various medical standards (special ventilation system and finishing, dental equipment with typical appliances and so on)

Proposed Housing at Rigger Bar Alness for Highland Homeless Trust (09.2009 – present): This small housing scheme is a difficult task because of the space restrictions and level changes. The client is interested to convert this central located bar into eight to ten flats. So far we finished the sketch proposals and now we are waiting for the client to come back with a choice.

Alteration at Croft Road Unapool, Sutherland for Julia and Graham Stewart (09.2009 – present): The Graham Family owns a holiday house in mountains and they want to extend it and to better take advantage of the outstanding views. Our proposals included some internal alterations, a glazed dinning / sunroom related with the living area, a new porch and a generous garage with storage space for outdoor activities. Currently the new extension is  done.

Proposed refurbishment for Caplich Steading (12.2009 –01.2010): The owner of Caplich steading is interested in finding a use for this building preserved in good condition. Our proposals include a pergola connecting this building with the Caplich House, a gym with a possible pool extension and a generous living accommodation.

New house at Sunnyside North Kessock for Rolf and Mhairi Schmidt  (12.2010 –present): The clients own a cottage just outside Inverness and initially they wanted more living space, more light and a better insulation and heating system. Because of the poor condition of existing building and technical issues regarding waterproofing the client decided to demolish and rebuilt the cottage.

Extension for Michael and Tonia Andrew (12.2011-07.2012): Just a small 1 bedroom extension with en-suite shower. The client intention is to build it himself and I just designed it and obtained planning permissions and building warrant.

Extension in Alness for mr. A. Oddy (08.2011-07.2012): I took over this project and did the technical drawings and obtained planning permissions and building warrant.

Housing development at Clyde Street Invergordon for Local Council (06.2012 – present): I just did the scheme proposals and it seems the the project will go ahead.

Other small jobs and visits on various sites and CPD. 

03. 2013 – 09 2018













09. 2018 – present

Architect – Bracewell-Stirling Limited. projects:Housing development at Inverlochy, Fort  William for Highland Council  (03.2013 – 12.2015): A block of flats with 21 units designed on a difficult site. Later one unit has been converted into a wheelchair liveable flat.  Design and build contract. Housing development at Dalmore Alness for Albyn Housing and Highland Council (05.2013 – still under construction): The project has a master plan for 200 units and the first phase of 37 units is under construction due to be completed early next year. Apart from the project architect I later took the role of a principal designer. – design and Build contract.

Housing development at Dingwall North – phase 2  (09.2015- 10.2016): A housing scheme for HHA and Highland Council just about to start on site – design and build contract

George Street Housing  (05.2014- 10.2-15): A private development consisting in 4 large houses located in Kirkwall- Orkney. I was the project architect in charge since sketch proposals to completion.

Ayre Annexe  (01.2014- 06.2015): A hotel with 18 bedrooms located in Kirkwall and developed by Orkney Builders. I took the project around planning stage.

Dingwall Development for Tulloch (03.2015-04 2016) A housing scheme with 21 units for Tulloch Homes. Currently we are in the process of  getting the building warrant.

Other Various one off houses and small projects.


Architect – NORR

Tomatin Hotel and retail units (01.2019- …) planning permissions were granted for this development consisting in a 90 room hotel , three retail units and a small petrol station. I am in charge with taking trough the warrant process and on site all the way to completion. 

Aviemore Laurel Bank – Travelodge hotel, 24 flats and several retail units (10.2018- …) I took over this project from an early stage and we are working towards planning stage at the moment. 

Torvean phase 1  (09.2018- …) 25 units for local Council – at warrant stage

Glenmorangie amenity buildigs (09.2018- …) I am charge with detailing this project and following the entire process to completion. 

Ardross  Distillery – The gin House –  I worked planning application package.  (09.2018- …) 

Achievement: 2nd place at Romanian Olympic – Drawing contest – national stage– 1994

1st place at “Mesagerul Transilvan” drawing contest – 1996-

1st place at “Best wooden house” organized by Casa Lux (architectural magazine) and Velux (roof lights) – 1998-

winning project for the Highland Scotland’s Housing Expo  – 2007-

IAA commend– New Life for Old Buildings – 2012- High Mills Tain

IAA  commended – Placemaking – 2014- Joss Street Flats Invergordon

SSA Design Award 2018 – Best building outwith the Chapter : Affordable Housing at Dalmore Alness.

CAD / IT skills CAD: Arhicad, Autocad, Powercad 3d modeling: 3d Studio Max, Sketchup 2d : Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Microsoft Photo Draw web page: Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver other: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Mac or Pc basic network management
References Mircea Amitroaiei – Proartis – Architect

Gavin Morton – Glenfield Hotel- General Manager

Trevor Black  – Trevor Black Architects- Architect

Martin Rattray – Councilor