I was born in Romania in 77, in Cluj Napoca the second largest city of the country located in center of Transylvania.  –  more info here

Between 1992 and 1996 i studied fine arts and architecture at the Fine Arts Highschool in Cluj Napoca I got specialized in architecture and graduated as an architectural technician.

In 1994  i was awarded 1st place at Romanian Olympic– Drawing contest –transylvanian stage  and later on that year 2nd place at   national stage.

From 1996 til 2002 I was a student at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning from Technical University of Cluj. In parallel with architecture I studied industrial design for a while and later on I had a part time job as a furniture designer for 2 years or so before finishing my studies. I graduated as an architect and than I worked for two years for an architecture company owned by one of my teacher Mircea Amitroaiei, being involved in a variety of projects from private houses to commercial and a bank building.

In summer of 2004  i worked in UK in the hotels industry and I got a chance to travel a lot specially around Scotland.

Since 2004 to 2006 i finished my studies and I was working in Romania as an architect.  I worked on some scale small projects for an Austrian company and I had the chance to design and detail timber kit houses for a German company.

After 2007 I moved in Scotland and started my career as an Architect in UK, working for Trevor Black Architects.  I was involved in plenty of  projects and later on I registered with ARB  in 2010 and in 2012 with RIBA as a chartered architect.

Since 2010 to 2015 I had a part time job with Highland Council as a Youth Worker at Joss Street Youth Club and where I was in charge with art and crafts.  During that time we  had 3 consecutive exhibitions at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

As well as that, in the past 8 years i was a board member in a local charity promoting art projects and offering support for local artists : Invergordon Off The Wall. This organisation is running for more than 10 years and the benefit for Invergordon is visible around town (more than a half a million pounds used for art projects).